Monday 9 January 2017

Weekend Big Year: Revised Rules

I’ve been thinking about my “Weekend Big Day” in a bit more depth recently, and I thought that I should make a few changes. While the rules will remain basically the same, the section about the “extra days” didn’t make as much sense as I originally thought. Here are the new rules:

1.       I will only count birds on the weekend (Saturday and Sunday) or “extra day” (see below)
2.       I will allow myself to have 20 “extra days” for when I want to count birds that aren’t seen on the weekend.
3.       I may only take an “extra day” one day before or one day after the normal count period (basically, only Fridays and Mondays are eligible for “extra days”).
4.       Holiday Mondays or Fridays DO NOT count as the weekend, and an “extra day”, if available, must be taken.
5.       I can only count birds I see in the ABA area (Which shouldn’t be a problem as I’m not leaving it!)
6.       Have some fun!

It should be interesting to see how this pans out.  You can keep track of my species total and the number of “extra days” I take at the side of the blog between the “About Me” section and the Middlesex BirdTrax. Good birding!

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