Friday 20 January 2017

Algonquin Live Cam: Wolves

Today (January 20th), was a great day for wolves at the moose carcass. Although it's most likely just the same two ones coming back, they made multiple appearances throughout the day.

My aunt has yet to lay her eyes on one. (I called her when one was at the carcass, but the line was busy. 20 minutes later, I called again when the two were resting and tussling at the top of the frame, but they left just mere seconds before she got on.)

Watch for wolves and other scavengers like ravens, foxes, and Fishers here.

All images are screen captures from the EarthCam at the Algonquin Visitor center. I unfortunately wasn't there to witness these magnificent beasts myself.


  1. Yay!!! Finally saw the wolves this morning! :-) *happy dance* Thank you for letting me know that they were hanging around, Quinten! :-)

    1. You are hilarious! You make me laugh! Hmmm...wonder what happened to my first post? :-P