Thursday 9 August 2018

Off to the Bay! (And some odes)

This afternoon I went down to the Tillsonburg area in search of some uncommon odes. I struck out on my two main targets, Riverine and Laura's Clubtails, most likely due to the time (Riverine stops flying around 5pm) and the weather (it started to rain heavily!) Nevertheless, I did manage to find a couple cool things by wading in the Big Otter creek.

Zebra Clubtail

Fawn Darner

In other news, on Saturday I will be leaving the comforts of civilization, and will begin my journey to the coast of JAMES BAY! I am going up with the James Bay Shorebird Project as a volunteer, where I will be monitoring shorebird numbers and species as they make their way south on migration. I will also be joined with a number of my young naturalist friends, Jack, Nathan, and Ethan (who has a blog by the way, check it out!) I am looking forward to seeing what this adventure has in store, and I am sure it is many great things.

I might post an update with a few back of camera photos of things I have seen on my way to Moosonee before I leave for the remote field camp. I'll have to see what the WiFi is like. Look for it no later than Monday if I get around to doing it! 

I'll have lots of stories when I come back at the end of August!

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  1. What an awesome experience, Quinten! Have careful! Be sure to take a journal so that you can document your daily adventures and observations. I am so proud of you and look forward to hearing your stories upon your return. God bless! 😊