Friday 16 June 2017

Dickcissels to Dragonflies

Today I decided to check out a few locations around home. The first was south of London on Scotland Drive. There has been a recent influx of Dickcissels lately in Ontario, and a few had been reported in the previous days.

It didn't take long to find a couple Horned Larks.

Soon after the larks, we found a singing Dickcissel (DICK). The DICK can be identified by it's yellow breast and rufous back. The males have a black "bib". DICKs have been invading Ontario, in particular southern Ontario, in numbers that were likely unprecedented.

After the first one flushed due to a passing truck, I continued up the road where I found this bird on a wire. It was very cooperative.

This isn't cropped at all.

A third was found back near where I left the truck, and the first bird was back to the field where I had originally spotted it. The field doesn't appear to be a crop of any kind, so it is likely that, as long as it isn't cut, the Dickcissels will stay and attempt to nest.

It soon flew up into a tree, which is where I left it.

I went to Weldon Park in Arva after lunch, which can be a great spot for dragonflies.

It took awhile, but I did eventually catch my first dragonfly...a Dot-tailed Whiteface.

A few more missed before I nabbed a Common (Eastern) Pondhawk.

I was unable to catch this guy, but it's a Unicorn Clubtail.

I was finally able to get a Common Whitetail after dozens of attempts.

Heading into the woods, I found a Rose-breasted Grosbeak and a couple American Redstarts.

The introduced European Skipper was seen.

To top off the day, I saw my first Silver-spotted Skippers of the year.

Tomorrow should prove to be exciting...stay tuned!


  1. An interesting outing.
    Now you have us waiting in anticipation of Saturday!

    1. Let's just say that if all goes well, I'll see a White-winged Dove ;-)