Monday 1 April 2019

March Odds and Ends

I seem to have neglected the blog lately (no fooling!), but as one can imagine I have been bogged down by a lot of school lately (plus with the nicer weather, before yesterday, I have tried to get out more!)

I have gotten out here and there. Not really to do much birding, but more so focusing on the smaller things on tree trunks, rocks, in the water, and on the ground. I certainly have seen quite a few awesome things!

Starting with near the end of March Break. A friend and I headed out for a few hours of dipnetting in the Sydenham River. Although we were a bit caught off guard by the conditions and high water, we made the most of it. Highlights that day included catching three Brindled Madtoms.

The next weekend I did some exploring in a nearby creek. Cold and wet, but productive!

White Heelsplitter

Northern Clearwater Crayfish

Fantail Darter

Greenside Darter

Fathead Minnow

I of course had to go to Aylmer Wildlife Management Area for the annual stopover of migratory Tundra Swans. Haven't missed a year since 2010! I took notice to a few other things as well ;-)

Tundra Swans

Knieff's Hook-moss (Drepanocladus aduncus)

Calicium tigillare

Apple Fountain-moss (Philonotis fontana)

Elegant Sunburst Lichen (Rusavskia elegans)

Biting Stonecrop (Sedum acre)

Star Moss (Syntrichia ruralis)

And finally, yesterday I went fishing in another creek, and came up with this Creek Chub.

Lots of other cool nature observations in between as well!

Anyways, hopefully the snow clears up soon and Spring can finally get started!

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