Thursday 19 July 2018

Ojibway Adventures

Last Sunday I went down to the Ojibway complex in Windsor. I managed to catch up with a few cool things, including my lifer Dukes' Skipper and Spicebush Swallowtail!

There were a few plants in bloom.

Grey-headed Coneflower

American Bladderwort

Common Jewelweed

Due to the very hot and humid temperatures, not many butterflies were out and about, but I was still able to find a few.

Red-spotted Purple
Wild Indigo Duskywing

Giant Swallowtail


Acadian Hairstreak

Silver-spotted Skipper

Delaware Skipper

Dukes' Skipper #1

Dukes' Skipper #2

Not overly too many dragonflies and damselflies, but a few.

Ebony Jewelwing

Ruby Meadowhawk

Common Baskettail

Emerald Spreadwing
Of course, there were a couple other insects as well. 

Black Horsefly

Sculptured Resin Bee

Dogbane Leaf Beetle

All in all a good day, hopefully I can get down there again before I embark on an "adventure" later this summer....

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