Tuesday 22 August 2017

Evening Eared

This evening I decided to check out the Eared Grebe (first in Middlesex since 2013) that had been reported at the Strathroy Sewage Lagoons. The lagoons have proven to be a hotspot lately, as on Sunday there was a trio of Red-necked Phalaropes found. I was lucky to catch up with a pair of them later that night. Only two days later I was back for another rarity and a potential lifer.

The Eared Grebe wasn't easy to find. It took close to 30 minutes before I found it with some of the many Wood Ducks. It was quite far off and hard to get a good look at.

Eventually, it came in relatively close (still 100m plus away!) for easy viewing and the occasional decent photograph. These are some of the better record photos that I've attained!

The Red-necked Phalaropes were equally hard to photograph.

But at least the photos were better than on Sunday, when I attempted taking photos using my phone and a cheap pair of binoculars! I was without any of my good equipment as I came straight from my grandmother's house after I got the news of Middlesex's first Red-necks since 2014.

Cell Pic from Sunday

I think that getting both the grebe and the phalaropes in the same shot is the icing on the cake.

Strathroy definitely deserves another visit in the near future!


  1. Good thing you went last evening. I stopped by this morning and grebe and phalaropes were nowhere to be found!
    I think a lot of stuff last night with the weather change. Hardly anything anywhere today!

    1. So maybe it was the same grebe as seen in Exeter...it was seen this morning!

    2. It must have flown back to Exeter!