Friday 24 May 2019

This Week's Sightings

Between other commitments, I have been able to get out and see a few things of interest this week.

One of my favourite finds this week was Cream Violet (Viola striata). This is a fairly uncommon species in Ontario, but can be abundant in the right places.

False Rue-anemone (Enemion biternatum) is another species that is rare in Ontario. It is fairly plentiful in this location in the right spots. It is getting a bit late for flowers.

Another neat sighting was a large number of Shorthead Redhorses in a local creek.

A saw a couple neat Sedges (Carex spp) as well.

Hairy Sedge (Carex hirtifolia)

Nerveless Woodland Sedge (Carex leptonervia)

Eastern Woodland Sedge (Carex blanda)

Large White Trilliums (Trillium grandiflorum) are at different stages. They petals turn pink as the plant ages.

Flies have been offering a bit of entertainment.

Oblique Stripetail (Allograpta obliqua)

Margined Calligrapher (Toxomerus marginatus)

Phantom Crane Fly (Bittacomorpha clavipes)

I saw my first Eastern Forktails of the season today.

One last cool sighting was this Blackpoll. Somehow, I have been unable to get a photo of this species up until this point. I believe it is the 300th species I have been able to photograph in Ontario, not too bad I guess!

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  1. Hi Quinten! You have really expanded your interests over the past year and a half or so. You are definitely on your way to becoming a 100% Naturalist. Way to go! 😊