Tuesday 21 August 2018

Highlights from Moth Week 2018

A little while ago, at the end of July, was moth week. I saw about 130 species, not bad considering the weather and the moon cycle (it was full, which isn't too good for mothing!)

Chestnut-marked Pondweed Moth

Moonseed Moth

Woody Underwing

Common Grass-Veneer

Brown-hooded Owlet

Dark-spotted Palthis moth

Bicolored Pyrausta Moth

Virginian Tigermoth

False Hemlock Looper

Pale-veined Isturgia

Betrothed Underwing

Twin-spotted Sphinx

Sharp-angled Carpet

Apical Prominent

Orange-headed Epicallima Moth

Ailanthus Webworm

Wavy-lined Emerald

Double-banded Grass-Veneer

Interrupted Dagger

Ruby Tiger Moth

Painted Lichen Moth

Wheathead Armyworm

Elm Spanworm

Greater Oak Dagger

Morning-glory Plume Moth

Unicorn Prominent 

Badwing Moth

Virginia Ctenucha

Armyworm Moth

Yellow Wave Moth

Green Leuconycta Moth
***This is a scheduled post, so if you are reading this within a couple weeks of when it was posted, I am currently on the coast of James Bay trying not to get eaten by a bear :-)

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  1. That is quite a collection of moths, Quinten....congrats!