Sunday 5 August 2018

Afternoon Odeing

This afternoon I did a little bit of odeing (looking at dragonflies and damselflies) out Brantford way.

My first stop was Fowlers Pond in Blandford Blenheim, where I found some Slaty Skimmers, meadowhawks, and a Variable Dancer. I also saw an emerald, likely Williamson's.

Slaty Skimmer

Variable Dancer

White-faced Meadowhawk

Ruby Meadowhawk

Next stop was some ponds in an industrial area in Brantford (near where Oak Park road and Hardy road for those interested) There were plenty of dragonflies, including Calico Pennants, Halloween Pennants, Widow Skimmers, Common Whitetails, Black Saddlebags, and Common Green Darners.

Halloween Pennant 

Common Green Darner

I managed to net a Saffron-winged Meadowhawk around the north pond. Meadowhawks are my favourite, so naturally this was a highlight. This is the first Saffron-winged I have seen in a couple years, and the first I have netted.

Finally, after an hour, I caught sight of my main target for this site, the Comet Darner! Comet Darners are rare vagrants in Ontario. It caught me a little off guard as I was just about to give up, so here is my best photo!

Comet Darners can be told from a female Common Green Darner by the lack of the "bulls-eye" mark on the top of the face.

Female Common Green Darner showing the "bulls-eye"

Next and final stop was the Grand River south of Wilkes Dam. My target here was Dusky Dancer, another rare ode in Ontario. It didn't take too long to find some. I counted about eleven, including three pairs in tandem.

I saw a couple other dancer species.

Powdered Dancer

Blue-fronted Dancer

American Rubyspots were also fairly numerous.

Pretty good afternoon if I do say so myself!

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