Saturday 1 July 2017

Happy Canada 150!

Over the past couple years I've been able to see some incredible things here in Canada. I compiled some photos that I think show what the real Canada looks like.

Gray Jay - Algonquin Park

Spruce Bog - Algonquin Park

White Trillium - Bruce

Barn Swallow - Carden Alvar

Niagara River - Niagara

Moose - Algonquin Park

Monarch - Muskoka

Northern Forest - Algonquin Park

Common Loon - Haliburton

Northern Forest - Algonquin Park

Northern Forest - Haliburton

Mislaid Lake - Haliburton

Northern Sunset - Haliburton

Common Loon - Haliburton

Hawk Cliff - Elgin

Snowy Owl - Strathroy

Winter River - Algonquin Park

Gray Jay - Algonquin Park

Black Bear - Bruce

Piping Plover - Bruce

American Redstart - Bruce

Georgian Bay - Bruce

Evening Grosbeak - Algonquin Park

Happy Canada 150 Everyone!!!!


  1. Hope to see some "Canada" Jays when I go to Algonquin later in September!

    1. I'll be in Algonquin at the end of September too! It turns out that then government isn't even actively considering the Gray Jay for the national bird after all. What a shame.