Thursday 27 July 2017

#myebirdhistory: 5 months later

Back in February I heard about a way to map everywhere you've eBirded. It is a cool way to visualize everywhere that you've submitted an eBird checklist. I found is especially interesting to see where on the map I submitted a checklist while travelling using the eBird mobile app.

To learn how to map your data, click here.

Here is my eBird data from last time, 5 months ago.

Now, here is my most up to date data.

Quite the difference! I guess I got my parents to drive a lot...

I am most proud of how many more places that explored in Algonquin Park.

I also apparently submitted quite a lot of eBird checklists while up Thunder Bay way.

Here are some of the points from my trip to Virginia in March.

As expected, I birded a lot in Southern Ontario. Many new places were explored.

Another feature of eBird that is cool is the interactive map on the eBird profile page. It is a neat way to see your stats for an area (county, province/state, country, world).

I’m sure that I’ll add many more points before the year is over!

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  1. Very cool, I like the Algonquin area map. Looks like you got into Hailstorm Creek off Opeongo, that is a neat spot.