Sunday 25 June 2017

Simcoe Nature

Other than a number of White Admirals (lifer) and a late Bay-breasted Warbler, there wasn't really anything noteworthy on my class trip up to Orillia for a couple days. Since I really don't have anything to report on at this time, I'll just post my eBird checklists and a photo of a Common Whitetail, which was the most numerous dragonfly species.

June 20th (Day List)
June 21st (Stationary Count)
June 21st (Day List)
June 22nd (Stationary Count)
June 22nd (Day List)

Common Whitetail (London, Ont)

I'll be graduating this week, which means that soon I'll hopefully have more to write about!!!


  1. Quentein--My name is Mel and I reside at 17272 Lakeshore Rd in Rondeau Park and I am the owner od the Black Venza that the White Winged Dove frequents--It is not too late to add it to your list as it has started its twig nesting ritual again.. It is here every morning calling and gathering twigs and returns mid day to feed and every evening to feed--feel free to stop by if you are in Rondeau.

    1. Thanks Mel! I should be able to get down to Rondeau again soon as summer break starts in a couple days. Hopefully the dove decides to finally let me have a look!