Sunday 4 March 2018

Gaggles of Geese and a Bevy of Swans

Yesterday afternoon I went to Aylmer Wildlife Management Area with my mom and aunt.

Tundra Swans are always the main attraction in Aylmer in March, as thousands stop in to fuel up before continuing on their migration to the tundra to breed.

Large numbers of geese also congregate here each spring, mostly Canada Geese.

Often these large flocks of Canada Geese will be joined by more uncommon geese. That was the case yesterday, as there were four Snow Geese to be seen. I was quite happy, as I got to see my first ever "blue morphs"

Another treat was a single Greater White-fronted Goose. One could say I've been "spoiled" this year when it comes to Greater White-fronts ;-)

Not too many ducks were around, but we were able to find a few American Wigeons and Northern Pintails.

Northern Pintail

It seemed that the swans took a liking to a field right outside the wildlife management area, as there seemed to be more in that field than the pond!


Fast forward to today. When I was out this morning, birding my neighborhood, I came across a Coyote! Definitely an unexpected find in broad daylight in a subdivision! 

"Record shot" :-)


  1. Aylmer WMA is one place I have not been to!

  2. There is still time! Nature London will have an outing there in about a week.