Saturday 9 December 2017


This afternoon, my Dad and I went out to see if we could find a Snowy Owl in a traditional spot.

Upon arrival, we immediately found a very convincing white garbage bag.

It wasn't long until my highlight of the trip...a medium sized bird with bold markings flew in front of the first I thought Clark's Nutcracker (I was being optimistic), then kingfisher (I don't know why!), then Snow Bunting (though it wasn't white enough), then I thought Blue Jay (though it wasn't blue enough). Northern Mockingbird even crossed my mind. I soon found out what it was when it perched on a was a freaking Northern Shrike!

While for some people this may not be too exciting, this was the first time I have ever been able to see one (I heard one in March). On top of that, this was a Middlesex lifer for me, which tied my Middlesex list with my Essex list (though I am sure that will change come next spring!). Also, species number 243 I have been able to photograph in Ontario.

After all that excitement, we continued our search for a Snowy Owl. After about five minutes, we saw a large white object on the ground....could it be?

It was our first of season Snowy!

It was a great little outing, and I can't wait for more winter birding!


  1. I think I have seen more white bags and pails in fields than Snowy Owls over the years!
    Did see a Snowy Owl having lunch on Rondeau Bay today.

    1. Good sighting!

      'Tis the season for stopping for every white thing we see in a field!

  2. Awesome! What an exciting outing! 😀

  3. And here I thought I was the only one who had a knack for finding plastic bag birds :)

    Nice sightings!!

    1. Thanks Jonathan!

      Don't're not alone!