Saturday 7 October 2017

Photos from the ON Youth Summit

Two weeks ago I went to the Ontario Nature Youth Summit in Orillia. It was extremely fun and rewarding! Although I had brought my camera, I didn't get much use of it as I was just too busy! I managed to get a few photos with my cell which highlight some of the more stationary things seen (or caught!) I am also including all my eBird checklists from the weekend...I saw an amazing 70 species of birds!

I would like to thank Nature London for sponsoring me to participate. If you are in the London area and are interested in the natural world, I would definitely check them out!

Fox Snake (captive)

Warbler (?) nest

Red-backed Salamander

Leopard Frog

Painted Turtle (I managed to catch it!)

Blue-spotted Salamander

Eastern Screech-Owl (captive)

Raptor presentation by

Gyrfalcon (captive)

eBird Checklists:

September 22nd:

September 23rd:

September 24th:

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