Saturday 27 August 2016

Photos from Peers

I was back in the Wallaceburg Area yesterday, so I checked out Peers Wetland for a little more than an hour. I was quite pleased by the species of both birds and bugs that I saw. Here are a few of the photos from my walk. View the eBird checklist here.

Summer Crescent

Eastern Pondhawk

Headless Owl (Downtown Wallaceburg)


Silver-spotted Skipper and Jewelweed

Green Heron

Green Heron



Monarch (compare to Viceroy)

Green Heron and Imm. Night-Heron (note size difference)

Immature Black-crowned Night-heron

Adult Black-crowned Night-heron

Ruby Meadowhawk

Blue Dasher

Common Checkered Skipper

I will be in Hamilton (Royal Botanical Gardens) tody, and I am hoping to get a little bit of shorebirding in!

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  1. It "aPeers" you had quite a few Green Herons! Good place for them this year. I have not had quite that many on my outings there yet.