Friday 12 August 2016

In and Around Wallaceburg

Yesterday, my family headed to my cousin's optometry practice in Wallaceburg, and I tagged along as there were a few birding places I wanted to check out.

The day started off nice, but started spitting a little bit after dropping off my entry form for the Western Fair photo contest. Soon on the 401, it was looking like this:

When we emerged from the downpour, it was like nothing ever happened.

They have no idea what they're driving into...

At least that was the case until we reached another pocket:

But, like before, we drove a few kilometers and it looked all sunny again.

Here's the rain pocket from above...thankfully heading away from us.

Soon we arrived at Peers Wetland. The Burg' Birder recently wrote a post on this location, which can be viewed here.

A few Silver-spotted Skippers were flying around.

I saw a lot of Monarchs in the area, and the wetland had four or five. I never get tired of seeing this endangered species.

Eastern-tailed Blue, Red-spotted Purple, mating Pearl Crescents, Clouded Sulphurs, and a Red Admiral completed the butterfly bunch.

Red-spotted Purple

Pearl Cresents

Eastern Pondhawks, Green Darners, Widow Skimmers, and Ruby Meadowhawks were some of the dragonflies observed. Damsels included some bluets I didn't even try to ID and a couple Fragile Forktails.

Pondhawk Female

Widow Skimmer Female

Ruby Meadowhawk Male

As for birds, there were a number of Morning Doves.

Three Green Herons were flying around.

I finally saw a Black-crowned Night-heron! I did not get any photos as I just had a few seconds to view it in my bins before it flew into thick vegetation. BCNH was the target bird of the trip.

A couple of Northern Flickers successfully managed to scare the crap out of me by exploding out of the brush.

Here's the eBird checklist.

After Peers, it was into Wallaceburg (which is holding it's annual WAMBO this weekend). Birding along the river consisted of Ring-billed Gulls, Rock Pigeons, and a headless owl.

It was soon time for lunch.

After consuming a chicken BURGer in The Burg' (see what I did there?), we headed down to Angler Line. birds are a hit-and-miss. That was the case for the Yellow-headed Blackbirds. I'm afraid this was the closest I could get.

We walked the Mitchell's Bay south nature trail. Song Sparrows, Canada Geese, Killdeer, herons and Swallows were just some of the birds seen. View the eBird checklist here.


Tree Swallow

Barn Swallow in foreground, and Tree in Background

Green Heron (almost all my sightings are silhouettes!)

Great Egret on left, and Great Blue Heron on right.

I saw my first Bald Eagle since May :)

Pickerel Weed and Duck Potato could be found growing in the marshy areas.

My first Jewelweed flower of the year was found near the above plants as well. These flowers are really attractive to hummingbirds, and last year at Hawk Cliff we saw at least four in a stand of these beautiful flowers.

I couldn't help but photograph this.

The Tulip Tree that's no more!

One more quick stop at the north nature trail didn't yield the Common Gallinules I was hoping for, but I did find a few hundred swallows and a Great Horned Owl.

We'll be heading back to Wallaceburg way soon to pick-up some eyeglasses, so maybe we'll check in on some of these spots again!


  1. Glad you got to Wally World!
    I didn't know we had a headless owl hanging around. You never know what is out there!
    Peers seems to be a good place for night-herons. There may be around 8 hanging around on a good day.

    1. I can't wait to get out that way again! Maybe next time the Night-herons will be a little more photogenic next time.