Monday 15 February 2021

Of Towhees and Trumpeters

I went back this morning in hopes of photographing the Spotted Towhee which has coming to a feeder in London for the past few days. This is the second record for Middlesex, the last being in the late 1960s.

After waiting around for close  to half an hour, it finally showed itself. We had all been staring intently at the feeder, but I happened to turn around at one point and notice it sitting in a bush behind us!

It eventually flew over to the feeder, where many people were able to enjoy it. It was tough to get an unobstructed photo, but I managed to get identifiable ones anyway.


What an exciting bird to have in London! Putting us on the map! ;-)

In the afternoon I went to Springbank Park to see the reported Trumpeter Swan. This is a rapidly increasing species in the county, but a nice one to get out of the way for my year list anyways. Quite an odd bird to see on the river.

On to another week.

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