Friday 16 November 2018

Blast to the Past: A Six Year Old Discovers Migration

Recently I was able to find a SD card from an old Fisher Price toy camera I had when I younger. There were many images to go through, but on set in particular brought back some memories.

Back when I was six, my parents took me to go see the Tundra Swans at the Aylmer Wildlife Management Area. It was my first time seeing such a spectacle of birds, and my first time really seeing bird migration. I have gone back every year since then, making this past year the eighth consecutive year I have gone to see the swans. I would anxiously await the arrival of the swans each year, and I still do. To me, the arrival of Tundra Swans signals spring (we'll just ignore how I now know they overwinter!) It is funny how small things like that can influence how we may turn out later!

My photo skills were sightly lacking, but what do you expect for a cheap piece of plastic (that brought me lots of joy, such a cool thing for a first grader!)

My binoculars have certainly evolved over the years.

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