Sunday 10 June 2018

Midnight Mothing I am hooked on mothing.

Yesterday, I found a few materials around the house, and set up a moth sheet in the backyard. It wasn't anything too fancy, just a white bed sheet and an old aquarium black light, but it did the job!

I'm still relatively new to moths and nocturnal insects, so many went unidentified, but there were a few I was able to name (hopefully accurately!)

I spent about five hours watching the sheet, it certainly didn't disappoint!

Common first visitor!

Unidentified moth

Lots of little guys!

Unidentified dart moth

Dart moth sp.


Bee Moth

Leafroller moth sp.

Triaenodes sp.

Bristly Cutworm Moth

Bristly Cutworm Moth

Oblique-banded Leafroller Moth

Masked Hunter

Catharis rufa

Green Pug

Flame-shouldered Dart

Bristly Cutworm Moth

Curve-toothed Geometer Moth

Some sort of insect...

Red Twin-Spot

Bristly Cutworm Moth

Brown Bark Carpet Moth

Armyworm Moth

Unidentified beetle

I am looking forward to monitoring what else will show up in my backyard over the next few months!

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