Saturday 13 January 2018

Cones and a Coyote

This afternoon I went to Fanshawe Conservation Area with my aunt. I was hoping to come across some birds in the conifer stands, with a particular interest in finches.

Black-capped Chickadees welcomed us immediately. They are obviously used to being fed!

We noted plenty of birds, including Northern Cardinals, Brown Creepers, Golden-crowned Kinglets, Dark-eyed Juncos, nuthatches, and woodpeckers.

The trees were loaded with cones, which you would think would have brought in finches...

Wrong! The only finches noted today were a couple American Goldfinches.

On our travels we came across a Coyote, surprisingly the first one I have ever been able to get a visual on!

Things started slowing down as the day progressed, so we turned our attention to the scenery. It was easy to forget we were still in London!

Great little outing....I'm sure we will be out again tomorrow!


  1. I went to Fanshawe CA once many moons ago to see a Black-backed Woodpecker!