Monday 24 April 2017

I'm Feeling a Little Blue (I Missed the Little Blue)

I'll be straight to the point...I dipped on the Little Blue Herons that have been hanging around Corner's Corner in Elgin County. It was disappointing, but that's the chances you take with birding!

I did see my FOY (first of year) Winter Wren, which was nice. In typical Winter Wren fashion, I didn't get a picture, so here is one that I got last April in Point Pelee.

With the dozens of Wood Duck boxes (there could very well have been over a hundred on the property), it came as no surprise at least some Wood Ducks were around. 

I was happy to be able to add to my Turkey Vulture picture collection.

Other birds seen include;

Canada Goose

Red-winged Blackbird

Northern Flicker

Wildflowers were also on my radar. 

White Trillium

Yellow Dog's-tooth Violet

Marsh Marigold

Other than the dip, it was a pretty good trip. I discovered a new place and met some new people (along with some people I haven't seen in weeks). 

Spring Migration is Upon Us!!!!!!