Tuesday 21 March 2017

Swan and Snow Show

This past Sunday, my dad and I went back to Aylmer to join the Nature London field trip.

Surprisingly, there was a large number of Tundra Swans still around. The recent cold spell most likely has something to do with it.

The immature Snow Goose was still there, but the bird was joined by an adult this time.

Later, they separated and the immature got close to the viewing stands.

The bird was very skittish and was frequently chased by the larger geese and swans.

Within the hundreds of Tundra Swans, we managed to find at least one Trumpeter Swan.

Trumpeter Swans are pretty rare in this part of Ontario, but not unexpected.

The same ducks as last time were around, however this time there were a couple of Gadwall and Hooded Mergansers.

American Wigeon

Hooded Merganser

The group was moving very slowly, so myself and a friend went off on our own...well, that cost us beautiful looks at a NORTHERN SHRIKE! I spent about an hour trying to find it again, but I was only successful in hearing it call twice.

There was a lot moving around in the forest, however not much variety in species.

American Robin

Red-winged Blackbird

Overall, it was an okay day, despite it being slow. I guess I'm just spoiled from Virginia!

Oh, and I finally got my Ontario life list up to 250!!!!!

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  1. What?!? You missed the Northern Shrike again? How sad! Better luck next time! 🙂