Monday 11 July 2016

Grassland Birds and Butterflies

There were numerous reports of Upland Sandpipers and Clay-colored (It's Clay-coloured, eh!), west of Strathroy, in the same area as where the Dickcissels were located. I needed both for my life list, so, hey, it's a two-for-one deal!

As soon as I stepped out of the car, Bobolinks, Eastern Meadowlarks, and Savannah Sparrows were singing.



Red-winged Blackbird

Savannah Sparrow

You can see why the Bobolink is sometimes called the "Skunk Bird".

After a few minutes, I heard an Upland Sandpiper. I had no luck in getting a visual though.

I did manage to locate a Great Spangled Fritillary and Black Saddlebags.

After the Upland Sandpiper spot, it was off to the Clay-colored Sparrows.

Nothing at first other than a singing Indigo Bunting and some Chipping Sparrows.

I heard the Clay-colored briefly, but that was it.

The butterflies entertained me when the birds were slow. Here is an Eastern Tailed Blue.

I finally managed to add another Branded Skipper to my life list! This is a very cooperative Dun Skipper.

Common Wood-Nymphs never seem to sit still! This was the longest sitting one all day-about 15 seconds!

All-in-all, a productive day out birding.

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