Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Support the BB and B Birders! (Please)

Well, next month is May, which means neotropical migrants will start to arrive. Point Pelee will be packed, and the Great Canadian Birdathon is once again underway!

This year, as it's been for the past two years, I'll be doing my birdathon in Point Pelee (maybe next year I'll do the Bruce or Rondeau). The last couple of years, we didn't do too hot on the species list, but this year we've moved back our usual date by a week...hopefully it makes a difference!

If you would like, you can support my team The BB and B Birders, as we take on the challenge of birding in Ontario's most famous birding hotspot. All the proceeds will help bird conservation, and I've also chosen to have a portion of the money go to Nature London. To donate to this wonderful cause, just click here.

But wait...there's more!

If you do chose to donate, and thank-you to everyone who does, then have some fun! Instead of pledging "by species" (though that is perfectly fine), donate your desired amount in interesting ways. Some examples may include:

(insert amount) per shorebird species we see
(insert amount) for every bird we see that has orange somewhere on it's body
(insert amount) for every species that we hear only
(insert amount) that is tallied at the "Tip" only

Of course, there are many more combinations, so be original....

You can send all personalized pledges to bbbbirdpledges@gmail.com. The birdathon is scheduled for May 13th, so try to have all pledges regarding birds seen in by then. We expect to see somewhere in between 100 and 150 species on this trip (150 would be AWESOME!!!!), so I wouldn't donate something like $10 per species (unless you really want to!)

Of course, if you're the kind of person who doesn't want to take a gamble, then you can always just donate a certain amount and leave it there....everything is appreciated!

On behalf of the BB and B Birders, I'd like to thank-you for supporting bird conservation.

Good birding,
Quinten Wiegersma


  1. Good luck on your Birdathon! They are always fun.
    The Bruce Peninsula is a good place to do a big day at some point. I did one there once and there are many good places to visit!

    1. Thanks Blake! Good Luck on yours too!

      Oh, and I may be going to Rondeau on Saturday after all...sometime this weekend I'll get down there!